OUR Services to compliment Our products

We do everything but roads

OUR Services to compliment Our products

We do everything but roads

Floor Preparation

Floor preparation is the first and most vital step of any installation. The latest equipment on the market is used to produce fast turnaround and the highest standard ofsurface finish. All traces of dirt oil dust contamination of any kind is removed to guarantee a high bond strength of any system applied. This also ensures maximum lifetimefor the products. Manufacturer standards are always met and recommendations closely adhered to so that product quality is assured.

Pump Screeds

Fast drying pump applied self leveling screeds give a smooth uniform and flat finish to uneven concrete slabs or surfaces. This provides a sound basis for the final coating guaranteeing the desired finish.

Polyurethane Screeds

6 -9 mm in depth this is a heavy duty polyurethane resin screed that has high chemical resistant properties, easy to clean and sterilise. It is heat resistant to 120 C (at 9 mm).

High Build Resins

Deva Resin services supply and install High Build Systems. 2 to 3 coats of an epoxy paint is applied which provides a high performance hard wearing and attractive floor coating. The colour is matched to your requirements. The coating is highly abrasion and slip resistant, easy to clean, seamless and provides a hygienic finish for use in food factories, airports, automotive manufacturers, electronic manufacturers, pharmaceuticals, health care, stadia, warehouses.

Anti Static

Anti static properties can be incorporated into Polyurethane and Epoxy flooring to provide a static resistant finish. This is recommended for printing, munition factories, plastics manufacturing, in any environment where flammable or combustible materials are handled.

Vinyl Installations

A conventional flooring used in many hospitals schools, leisure clubs. Deva Resin Services can supply and install tiles and linoleum as required to the desired specification.

Concrete Repairs

We install repair products to rejuvenate concrete to a suitable condition to install flooring systems. Often slabs have become too weak and crack and cannot support modern flooring systems without treatment. Resin penetrating systems are used to strengthen the core of the concrete and stitch pinning is used to bond and stabilise cracks. Repair is must more cost effective and time effective than removing and re-laying concrete.

Fast Cure Coating

With fast cure coating the flooring is handed over for full use an hour after completion of the installation. This can be done, in most cases, in one day. Similar in appearance to Epoxy screeds the flooring looks very desirable and also offers the same hygienic hard wearing seamless anti slip scratch resistance properties. Typically this product is used where operational down time needs to be minimised, for example factory production lines and where customer convenience is critical.